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Mom Shares 'Secret Row' on Southwest Airlines and Insists It's the Best for Flying With Kids

She really does have a point.

Flying with kids can be incredibly stressful, so we're willing to take all the tips and tricks we can get. And for those planning on taking their children on a flight with Southwest anytime in the near future, this might be a helpful secret to have in your back pocket! 

As mom of four @brookeraybold shared on TikTok, there's a certain row you can sit in on a Southwest plane that makes traveling with kids that much easier — and no, it's not the first row or the last row (or even the row with the most leg room). If you're flying on an 800, it's row 23, and if you're flying on a 700, it's row 17. Why is sitting here so helpful? Watch to find out:

As it turns out, that's the row where flight attendants start serving first, so it ends up cutting down the time between take off and getting your kids snacks and drinks without them waiting and becoming impatient.

"To make flights fun, we let our boys pick a special drink! Today it was Sprite. Flying with kids doesn't have to be hard!" Brooke wrote in her caption. 

"Remind me to avoid 17 if there's 4 kids there," one person joked in the comments.

This is definitely something we're going to try next time we're faced with choosing our seats on a Southwest flight. Forget the kids — we want our drinks right away, too! 

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