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'Travel and Leisure' Shares the Best 'Onboard Bar' in the Skies

This is truly lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Whether it's to calm your nerves or get your vacation started a little early, a lot of people look forward to having an alcoholic beverage during a flight. Sure, the cost of those airplane cocktails can get a little steep, but sometimes, it's totally worth it. The only downside is that the selection is usually limited — after all, you're in a plane, not in an actual full service bar. 

Our opinion of airplane bars might just change after we've seen this video from @travelandleisure, though. The TikTok account for the popular travel magazine shared the "best onboard bar," and after seeing this footage, we definitely can't disagree. 

If you're taking a domestic commercial flight, you're probably used to giving a flight attendant your order and waiting for the drink to appear, but the way it works on this luxurious Qatar A380 plane is very different. At the back of the business class section, there's an actual full size bar that passengers can visit while in flight, order drinks and canapés, and sit and hang out while they enjoy them. What a nice change of scenery from your regular seat! 

And even better? For those in business class, whatever they order is complimentary. That's the dream! 

We could totally see why this would be a huge asset on any flight, but especially on a long haul flight. It can get really boring to sit in one place for a long time, but being able to stretch your legs and visit a different area of the plane for a bit is a major plus.

Of course, the people who get to enjoy this perk did splash out on a pricier plane ticket than they would have in economy,  but after seeing this, it definitely looks like it would be worth the splurge.