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Chic Dog-Friendly Hotel in Utah Looks Like Any Pup's Dream

For many pet lovers, travel poses many a dilemma. Do you leave your pets at home and get them a sitter, or do you bring them with you? If you travel with your pets, what can you do and where can you stay? It's why there are many TikToks highlighting pet-friendly attractions and hotels.

Well one hotel in Utah is raising the bar when it comes to pet-friendly amenities. Best Friends Roadhouse in Kanab, Utah is quite possibly the most pet-friendly hotel we've ever seen, and the best part is it's close to some of the most beautiful hikes in Utah. Melanie Demi of the TikTok account @herboozytails booked a stay their with one of her dogs and told us all about it.

This is the best. No pet fees, big win. Comfy pullout pet beds, food bowls, washing areas, outdoor spaces to run around, cat-friendly suites... the hits just keep on coming. This hotel is a dream for pets and their owners alike!

People were absolutely loving this place. "Yesss!! I’m so glad you went. It’s my favorite hotel in the world!" excitedly exclaimed @sashalt97. "It's such a great place & if you donate any amount to the animal shelter you get 25% off your hotel stay!" added @juliaj82. "We loved it!!! A true gem! We found it on accident and weren’t even planning on going that way originally," recommended @dailydoseofdodgerdog.

Best Friends roadhouse is so cool but the animal society they're partnered with, Best Friends, does amazing work, and the hotel operates as an extension of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. "Utah is a no kill state for dogs mostly thanks to Best Friends Sanctuary," stated @kaylabananacup. These people do amazing work, which is all the more reason to support them financially. If you're traveling through Utah with your pets, spend a night at the Best Friends Roadhouse!