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Traveler Reveals 7 of the Best Cuisines Around the World in Stunning Video

With thousands of diverse cultures throughout the world, each with their own distinct culinary traditions, it's hard to narrow down the "best" cuisines in the world. Ultimately, a lot of it comes down to what you grew up with, what you've explored as an adult, and your own personal tastes. However, that doesn't stop anyone- ourselves included- from ranking their personal faves.

Nicola of the TikTok account @polkadotpassport has eaten her way across 58 countries and has come up with a list of 7 cuisines that she considers among the best in the world. This list is really smart and diverse- see if you spot your favorites!

We love the way how she came up with her list because it's really clever. It's not just a totally arbitrary ranking- she isn't saying "Yeah I like this stuff just 'cuz." Each cuisine falls into a specific category where it excels above the rest- at least, in her opinion. It's not that any one of these cuisines is "better" than all others, they just have different strengths! She picked a great mix, too- we can personally attest that all 7 of these cuisines she references are delicious.

As with any list involving objective opinions, though, it courted controversy, and the comments were full of people adding their own amendments. "If you take your time to travel across the 34 provinces in China you will find they have the most diverse cuisine," stated @phoebeanca. "Needs to add Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian, Moroccan," added @michael.scholar. "Haven’t seen the colours and flavors of INDIA," chided @alexjose87.

That's the problem with calling any cuisine the "Best," even in its own category- at the end of the day, it's still an objective opinion. There's just too much good food in the world to narrow it down. We hope, however, that her list inspires people to step outside of their culinary comfort zones- Ethiopian and Lebanese cuisine don't get enough love here in the US, at least outside of big cities. Now we're thinking about warm beef stew and lentils rolled up in injera, or dipping pita into hummus and labneh.... is it lunchtime yet?

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