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Woman's Video of the 'Best Airbnb in Edinburgh' Has People Stunned

Edinburgh: long recognized as the capital of Scotland, it has been growing in prominence as a global city and one of the best places to visit in all of Europe. Of course, if you want to experience the city in style, you need the right accommodations to match. How about a luxurious Airbnb that overlooks the city's historic Royal Mile?

When Alayna (@noooneofconsequence on TikTok) stepped into this Edinburgh Airbnb, she was stunned. She believes it to be the "best Airbnb in Edinburgh"- do you agree?

We think her claim that this is Edinburgh's best Airbnb might just be spot on! As said before, the road that this apartment overlooks is The Royal Mile, which runs between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. It's beautiful, full of history, and one of the biggest tourist destinations in the city. And, most importantly of all, the apartment itself is just stunning- it looks almost as if it really were decorated for royalty!

"That last shot up the street would make this worth it without it being so nice," admired @scnajar. "You’re so right! The location/view is supreme, the decor is the perfect cherry on top!" agreed Alayna. "The owners would have to physically remove me at the end of my vacation! I wouldn't want to leave, beautiful," said @gobsmacked3468. Us too! This Airbnb might just be a little dangerous because of that, LOL!

"I’ve had this place saved in my faves for a while. It’s v cozy which is code for small… it’s a studio. Definitely swoon worthy ✨," commented @christaincordova. We suppose the only big downside is that it isn't spacious enough for a large party. However, if you're traveling solo or with your partner, this Airbnb would be the perfect size!

Well... perhaps there is one other tiny downside: "Until you hear bagpipes all day and night 😳 I’ve stayed in one on the royal mile too and was driven crazy for 3 days 😂," recalled @softpretzel3. Oh dear, LOL. That isn't the worst trade-off, though- you are in Scotland, after all. When in Rome, do as the Romans do... when in Edinburgh, expect bagpipes!

Considering a stay at this cozy and classy Airbnb? You can check out the booking link here!