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Oddly Beautiful Montana Lake Has the Most Ominous Name

A dip in a refreshing lake can be a wonderful way to spend a nice day, and many people will go out of their way to visit a lake that's particularly scenic. However, not all lakes are safe for swimming, and its appearance doesn't always tell you how dangerous a lake is. Some of the most beautiful lakes are also the most deadly!

One such lake is the Berkely Pit, aka the ominously-named "Lake of Death" in Butte, Montana. Spooky travel vlogger @beforethecoffin fills us in on the lake's deadly history.

Colorful though those waters may be, under no circumstances should you try to swim in them! The pit is a kind of man-made lake, as the company who last mined the area stopped pumping the water out of it. Due to all the industrial waste and heavy metals in the rock, the water is highly acidic and full of toxic substances- which ironically, give it that stunning green color too. Tourists have historically been wise enough to heed the instructions and stay out of the water, but thousands of birds have died from landing on the lake, which is why they now have those noise cannons she mentioned. 

As dark and disturbing as the nature of the lake may be, it's a popular tourist attraction in the area. People are morbidly fascinated by the eerily beautiful lake- it's not every day you see a toxic "Lake of Death," after all!

Commenters had an appropriately dark sense of humor about the lake. "It's fun to tell tourists to go water skiing at the Berkley Pit," joked one Butte local in the comments. "Jump in to get your super powers," encouraged @tatumlorraine (we don't recommend this- you'd probably turn into the Toxic Avenger at best). 

Some marveled at how cheap it was to visit. "$2 is a steal for a tourist attraction," remarked @threekoboldscosplay. Eh, it's not like you can have a nice picnic and a swim there... we doubt they could get away with charging more!

As much as this lake is a curiosity, it's also a grim testament to the environmental destruction caused by environmentally-irresponsible mining corporations. The good news is that the Berkely Pit is now a Superfund site, with companies treating the excess water to prevent toxic overflow. Visit if you want to tickle your dark curiosities- but don't pack your bathing suit this time.

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