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Hilarious Video Shows the Reality of Being a Kid in a Hotel

Ah, those were the good old days.

Travel is one of those things that, while still fun as an adult, just isn't the same as when you were a kid. Taking a trip that someone else was paying for without having to do any of the hard stuff like planning or worrying about transportation or taking days off of work? Sign us up for that! 

If you're missing some of the magic that came with going on vacation as a kid, this TikTok video might help remind you of what it was like back in the good old days. User @amyywhoahh acted like she did when she was a kid staying at a hotel, and it's making us a bit nostalgic for this time! 

Captioning the video "me when I was 9 at the hotel," she immediately jumped on the bed as soon as she walked into the hotel room, hopping from bed to bed and trying to convince her mom to jump on the bed with her.

Her mom threatened to cancel the whole vacation if she didn't stop jumping on the bed, and then, she learned her lesson the hard way when she fell off the bed and got hurt. LOL — who hasn't done this at least once as a kid? 

Okay, so maybe we don't miss the part where we banged our heads on a hotel night stand, but the rest of it is just stuff we wish we could do. Feeling so free that you start jumping on the bed, no second thoughts? Give us that feeling back! 

In the comments, people really related to her "mom's" reasons for getting off the bed. "It’s always 'there’s people below us,'" one person wrote.

Scolding aside, we do wish we could go back to this for just one day. Surely, a little jumping on the bed as an adult can't hurt...