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Video of Hikers on Scary 'Beehive Trail' at 'Acadia National Park' Is Freaking People Out

While many hikes are easy walks on level, well-established trails, some experienced hikers like to take a path that presents more of a challenge. From the calf-burning Manitou Incline trail in Colorado to the vertigo-inducing hike up the Half Dome in Yosemite, daring hikers can take on trails that many would steer clear of. Some trails, however, can seem straight-up death-defying.

If you're the type of person that enjoys a bit of a climb, you might appreciate this trail- but uh, skip this if you get vertigo easily. TikTok roadtripper @bobbymxs headed up the Beehive Trail in Maine's Acadia National Park and caught some head-spinning footage.

Now, the park itself is absolutely beautiful, and the view you get from such a high-up vantage point is magnificent. But the climb up itself? That's a nerve-wracking climb. While the actual climbing portions of the trail aren't too long, they can still be dangerous, especially when it's rainy or icy. Thus, this difficult trail is not advisable for anyone who is not fully prepared and experienced!

Despite the precarious climb, though, avid hikers loved the Beehive Trail! Hikers who had formerly dared the tricky trail spoke fondly of their experiences in the comments.

"S**t's scary, still did it three times over my visits to Acadia!😁," recalled @grammahannah. "Hiked it liked it. This trail is sickkkk," @ski_bike_ike approved. "Adore the beehive & precipice of course. did them both for the third time last year in the pouring rain, a little sketchy but amazing as always," @morganwentwhere reminisced. Now she was definitely playing with fire- er, water. Hikers are strongly advised to avoid the trail in inclement weather as both the iron rungs and the granite themselves get very slippery when wet. We're glad she made it back ok but please, hike responsibly!

If you've got a fear of heights or aren't into climbing, you might echo @double0n00b's sentiment: "I choose life, but neat." However, if you are mentally and physically prepared to take on a challenging trek with the promise of amazing views at the summit, Acadia National Park's Beehive Trail awaits you.