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Couple's Story of Staying in a Bed Bug-Filled Hotel Room in California Is Our Worst Nightmare

Of all the rough stuff you may have to deal with during a hotel stay- broken or missing features, noisy neighbors, etc- probably the worst thing you could encounter is a bed bug infestation. It's why good hygiene and housekeeping are important for any hotel, inn, or Airbnb- start slacking on cleanliness, and you could end up with some very itchy and angry guests.

We're sorry to say that the protagonists of this story did not escape their recent hotel stay unscathed. The couple behind the TikTok account @matt_and_abby and their newborn baby Griffin endured a bed bug-ridden night at their hotel, stating in the description: "This is what you get for $200+ a night in California." Uh, no, after seeing this video, we'd be asking for our money back! This video just gets worse and worse as it goes on!

Ew ew EW! This video is a nightmare! Poor Abby especially looked eaten alive! We really hope little baby Griffin didn't get any on him. Plus, with the gross musty smell and the lack of protective sheets... just- EW! We get what Matt was saying about not wanting to be *that* guest when he first noticed the weird smell, but after seeing this video, we'll be on red alert for it!

Immediately, commenters rushed in with valuable advice. "Room change? HOTEL change!!! If it’s in that room it’s likely in others!" said @am5255. "File a claim with the hotel. They will pay to launder and replace things that need to be thrown away. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING INTO YOUR HOME!" advised @snappygdesigns. "WASH EVERYTHING! It cost me thousands of dollars to have my house tented and fumigated to get rid of them. They spread EVERYWHERE," said @the_taylorleeann. Again though, we hope they make the hotel do their due diligence and pay for the washing!

How can you avoid bed bug infestations on your trip? "Check the bed bug registry before booking anywhere. It gives you a history of bed bugs at hotels. Helps a lot," shared @sarahschlotman.

Great advice! Also, from @valaska28: "Health inspector 🙋🏼‍ always check beds under all the sheet layers in the end corners for evidence. Keep luggage in bathroom before bringing it in." It never hurts to check!

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