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Doctor's Easy Tip for Avoiding Hotels With Bed Bugs Shouldn't Be Ignored

Encountering bed bugs on your travels can be a total nightmare- a peaceful sleep can be interrupted by tons of itchy bug bites everywhere! Now you need to switch hotels while also throwing out or heavily washing all of your clothes and luggage- lest you bring even a single bed bug home and infest your house!

We've already focused on ways you can check your room for bed bugs before you settle in. However, it would be ideal if you could just avoid places that have them entirely- and with this incredible life hack from dermatologist @drcharlesmd1, you might just be able to do that!

This resource is vital for travelers everywhere. While good housekeeping and hygiene can prevent bed bug incidents from being commonplace, no hotel or homestay is fully invulnerable- even five-star hotels can suffer bed bug infestations. Bed Bug Registry can help you steer clear of places that have a bad history with them, lessening your chances that'll you encounter an infestation.

There is one catch with Bed Bug Registry, though- many users complain that it isn't up-to-date. "I don’t think this site has been updated in years all the reports are over 8 years old," complained @luxelifecole. So while it may be accurate up to a point, there may be hotels with more recent bed bug reports that aren't flagged on there. In addition to the Bed Bug Registry, we also recommend double-checking your potential stay through Bed Bug Reports, which seems to be more up-to-date (content warning though- there are some pretty gnarly pictures of bug bites in the scrolling gallery on the site's homepage.) You can always check TripAdvisor and similar sites for user reviews as well.

And of course, even if your hotel is cleared on all websites, it never hurts to check once you're there. "I work in pest control, 1st thing leave luggage at the door and look under the bed and sheets with a light in small spaces," advised @cheyanthropology. "I’ll put my luggage in the bathroom or the tub. Then I’ll check the room. I’d rather not leave my stuff at the door." critiqued @sn94536.

Bed bugs still plague travelers to this day, and they can be found pretty much anywhere. Doing research and inspecting your hotel rooms can potentially save you a whole lot of pain!