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'Beauty and the Beast'-Themed Afternoon Tea in London Looks So Magical

This should be on every Disney fan's bucket list.

The tradition of afternoon tea in the United Kingdom has become so iconic that many tourists want to take part when they hop across the pond. It's easy to see why so many people love it — who doesn't want to have a snack and a warm drink in the middle of the day, especially when tiny sandwiches and pastries are usually involved? And lately, themed tea experiences have been popping up more and more... including this one that any Disney fan would probably adore.

On TikTok, @candy_nicole shared her "magical experience" at a Beauty & the Beast themed afternoon tea service in London, and it truly does look like so much fun. Who's going to turn down piping hot tea served in a teapot that looks like Mrs. Potts? 

The harpist playing music from the moment during tea was impressive enough, but the rest of the experience looks pretty perfect, too. From the Chip tea cups to the pastries designed to look like Cogsworth to the red napkins folded like napkins, we couldn't imagine anything better for fans of the movie to enjoy. And that cocktail, served under glass like the famous rose from the movie? This is perfect! 

According to what the OP shared in a comment, this experience can be found at the Taste of Waldorf at the Waldorf Hilton hotel in London. You can book your tea and check out the full menu here, which sounds so good.

Between the music and the food, we're sold. Is Disney World listening, because they definitely need to do something like this at their parks! 

If you're a Disney fan planning to be in London soon, this is definitely something you should check out. This is too cool!