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Bear Crashes a Live Music Performance in Lake Tahoe and People Are Here for It

Music has the power to attract people from all walks of life around the world- as well as other species! Many animals enjoy listening to certain types of music... but how often do you hear of a wild animal crashing a concert?

Well, if you were attending a concert in Lake Tahoe two weekends ago, you may have seen it happen in person. One TikTok user, @gypsy.usa, was taking in some live music on the beach when an unexpected guest joined the audience!

Sure, people may bring their dogs to an outdoor concert- but how often do you see a BEAR at a concert? Thankfully for both the bear and the human audience alike, he seemed content keeping his distance... you'd bear-ly notice he was there!

Seriously though, no need to worry- the bear was a peaceful guest. When @samlemusyahoocom asked, "What happened when the bear got closer to the crowd?" the video's creator responded, "Nothing, bear just walking on a beach line, and after maybe 3-5 min group started to sing again." The big guy just wanted to take in the sights and sounds!

We were a little concerned about some of the people we saw running towards the bear, and so were the viewers of this video. "Really stupid to run towards a black bear people!!!" one user chided. Seriously though- respect our balance with nature. The last thing you want to deal with is a big stressed-out bear! Just sit back, give the bear his space, and enjoy the music- and let him enjoy it, too!

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