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Man's Reaction to Seeing a Grizzly Bear on Montana Hiking Trail Is Blowing Our Minds

We would've totally freaked out.

Though seeing wildlife while hiking is usually a plus, when it comes to the more dangerous animals, it can turn a fun day spent in nature into a living nightmare real quick. In certain parts of the country, seeing a bear isn't too unlikely, even though it's something that would be terrifying for most of us. 

Still, some people are able to keep their cool in any situation, and it seems like @journeywizard on TikTok is one of them. While he was hiking in Montana, he spotted a grizzly bear in his path, and you have to see his reaction. 

Not only did he stay calm, but he also talked to the bear... and according to his caption on the video, he had to wait 40 minutes for the bear to leave so that he could continue his hike. Most of us would have been totally frozen in fear for those 40 minutes, but this guy was cool as a cucumber. How?! 

Fortunately, he also explained why he behaved the way he did in the comments. "It’s best to make noise, grizzly bears don’t like being surprised and usually stay away from people who make their presence known," he wrote.

This is good to know for the future, though hopefully, this is a tip we'll never have to make use of.

Good for him for staying calm! That obviously contributed to him staying safe.