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Video of Hidden Beach Resort in the Middle of Ohio Is Downright Impressive

When you dream of bungalows over crystal blue waters, lounging in hammocks, and sipping frozen drinks all day, Ohio is not the first destination to come to mind! But believe it or not, welcome to paradise in the great state of Ohio. Ohio is landlocked, so we'd never expect to find a tropical oasis here, but it actually does exist. TikTok creator @braephilly captures the majestic and pure beauty of this dream vacation!

This impressive resort includes all of the amenities on your "bucket list," including swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, jet ski, paddle boarding, 5 star restaurants, and world class spa services, to name a few. Check this place out. You honestly won't believe it's in the middle of the United States! 

The CJ Brown resort at Buck Creek State Park is a diamond in the rough, given that it's so rare and precious. We were astonished at just how much there is to do, see, and eat here! This vacation resort is the ultimate place for privacy and can be as low-key as you want or full of fun-filled packed days with all the activities you love. It's truly a hidden travel gem!

The magnificent blue waters combined with the ease of traveling to this destination makes this resort in high demand. One local, @niftshirts, remarked, Now the secret's out. Everybody's going to be rushing there to stay." Another viewer, added, The oceans in Ohio are amazing. Yet another TikTok user, @brokentravel chimed in with, "I stayed in one of the villas over the water, and it was amazing.

The cat's out of the bag, or should we say, the coconut fell out of the tree?! We are surprised and delighted to find this hidden little paradise. Be sure to add this to your list of "musts!"

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