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Video Detailing How Cheap Villa Rentals Are in Bali Has Us Packing Our Bags

Ever wanted to take a tropical vacation, but balked when you looked up the prices? You're certainly not alone. However, a little information goes a long way when finding the ultimate deals online, and today, we have a scoop on cheap accommodations in Bali, Indonesia- for both short AND long-term stays!

TikTok user @meetjohnglobal sings the praises of both world travel and remote work. If you need a getaway on a budget you can actually afford, he has a solution- currently, there are many villas and apartments you can rent in Bali for only $300-400 a month, beating out rental prices for pretty much every major American city!

WOW. This is insane. While you can blow that money on just a couple nights at a luxury hotel, that same budget will buy you a month's stay at a quaint villa! We couldn't believe it- till we saw the follow-up:

Shocked? We are too. From what we could glean though, Bali's economy is largely supported by tourism and was heavily affected by covid lockdowns. It makes sense that they're offering places at low prices right now- they're hoping to draw tourists back in!

This is not without its drawbacks, however. "The problem is getting there. Flights are $3,000 which is almost 8x the monthly rent," remarked @christiannc_. They're right- travel to and from the island is no less expensive. Also, commenters were also understandably concerned about the real estate market in Bali being affected. "It won’t be inexpensive for long with all the exposure. You will soon see some greedy land developers swoop in like they have done time and time again." said @carmenquinones02.

When it comes to issues like the potential effects on local real estate markets, there aren't many easy answers. However, John's TikTok account is primarily focused on Bali currently, and he has many videos speaking with Balinese locals on the best way to support them. If you're considering a stay in Bali, review these and other local testimonials, and find the best way you can help the locals thrive!

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