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TikTok of Baggage Crew Loading a Plane Is Really Quite Fascinating

From the moment you check your bag to the moment you spot it at baggage claim, your suitcase joins dozens of others that sit in the hold below you. With so much luggage to fit, and limited space to put it all, you might wonder- just how do they do it? 

Chris Simonsson, aka @wheos__ on TikTok, is a baggage handler. He filmed himself fitting 110 bags into one airplane hold- and the resulting video is oddly satisfying. 

Like mastering Tetris or building Legos, it's all about making everything fit together. You may have seen baggage handlers hauling bags into the hold from out on the tarmac, but did you realize that there's someone else inside the hold who organizes it all? 

The bags aren't just shoved in with no regard- handlers like Chris strategically stack them up to efficiently use the space and fill the hold with as many bags as the space and weight limits will allow. His time lapse video of the process is fascinating, almost hypnotic- there's something so satisfying about how nicely all the luggage fits together. "And your parents thought Tetris wouldn’t get you anywhere!" @andreaweikel16 quipped. LOL!

As complex and intense as this process looks, it's all in a day's work for Chris. 110 bags isn't even that much compared to some of the planes he's loaded. "What’s the most amount of bags you’ve packed?" wondered @dancingparty253. "About 200," Chris replied. Wow... we're sweating just thinking about that!

Seeing Chris hard at work puts into perspective how challenging and physically tasking this job is. "I’ve always wondered how they fit all the luggage in a plane," mused @vigge123s. "Thank you for your work. Underappreciated for sure," @bg2581 applauded. 

Chris's video is a reminder of just how hard baggage handlers work to get people's luggage safely stowed on their flight. Commercial air travel as it exists today wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of everyone involved, from the pilots in their cockpits to the baggage handlers on the ground!

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