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Seasoned Backpackers Share 4 Things They Never Hike or Camp Without

This is some pretty wise advice!

To someone who's never done it before, backpacking can be pretty intimidating. As appealing as the idea of traveling light sounds, it's certainly easier said than done... not to mention then having to carry that backpack with you if you're hiking or camping. But there's a first time for everything, and fortunately, those who have been doing this for a long time are usually willing to share all of their advice and tips with us.

On TikTok, @theadventureaddicts are sharing their four must haves for backpacking outdoors, and some of these items on the list are things we probably wouldn't have thought to bring on our own. This is so helpful! 

One of the tips is bringing fresh food to eat for your first lunch — the kind of stuff that would have to stay cold and would be impractical to eat the second or third day of your trip, just to mix things up. The other items include a Garmin InReach, which helps with location services and being able to reach family and friends in places where your phone might not have service, along with trekking poles and, of all things, a hairbrush. Wow!

Many people commented, backing up the claims about how truly important these things are, especially the Garmin, which can literally be a life saver in an emergency. 

Anyone else starting their own list before their next adventure? This information is gold! 

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