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Video of Baby Enjoying 'Van Life' While Roadtripping Europe Has Us So Envious

This baby is living the dream and doesn't even know it.

Traveling with babies might seem intimidating until you've traveled with toddlers, and then you learned that going places with a baby is actually really easy. Sure, the first year of their life can be very overwhelming for parents, but it is nice that they're so portable.. and one family is taking extra advantage of this time with their little one.

One woman, @asasteinars, is roadtripping in a van across Europe with her baby boy and documenting the process on TikTok, and we're majorly jealous. This little guy is living the life, and it's not like he know any different! 

"POV: You're 7 months old, living your best life, living in a van, roadtripping Europe," Mom wrote in her caption. 

Swinging in the van with some seriously gorgeous scenery behind him? Yeah, this is the way we wish we were spending our summer! 

There are well over 1,000 comments on the video, and while some party poopers are pointing out that the baby will never remember it, plenty of others are sharing how beautiful they think this kind of childhood will be for this adorable little man.

"Another lifetime I would do this too. People say it’s your dream not his… he is happy when you are happy! You are literally showing him the world," said one encouraging comment.

If only we could all be as carefree as this traveling baby. He might not remember this trip, but his parents definitely will. 

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