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Baby’s Priceless Reaction to a Bumpy Flight Is All of Us During Turbulence

Any parent who has ever flown with a baby will tell you that it’s no easy feat. Between lugging carry-on bags, baby gear, and trying to keep your little one calm and happy during the flight, it’s enough to bring anyone to their wit’s end. But you know what makes flying with little kids even harder? (Aside from fellow passengers who aren’t compassionate, that is.) Yep. Turbulence. Let’s just say things can potentially get even more tricky if it’s not a smooth flight.

Some people are better fliers than others, and even well-seasoned travelers can get a bit nervous during a particularly bumpy flight. And for one newbie flyer, feeling the sensation of the plane bouncing around proved to be pretty nerve-wracking. In a new TikTok video shared by @caitlin.teal, this mom shared some footage of her baby’s reaction to a rough descent to land. The expression on this child’s face is all of us when turbulence is making us say in our heads, “MAKE IT STOP!”

OMG this poor kid! Again, turbulence is bad enough for adults. But for little ones who have no idea what in the heck is going on? Even in the comfort of mom’s arms, it can be quite unsettling. TikTok users can totally relate to how this child is feeling. One commenter joked about the caption on the video, which reads, “We had a rough landing and my baby was re-evaluating all his life’s choices.” @Hello said, “No girl, he was evaluating all of YOUR choices that led him to this moment 😅.” HA!

Another person who watched the video, @Brenna Boggie added, “At least I know what I must look like now 😅.” For sure. A lot of us look like this. And @Eyes of Blue added, “It’s me, I’m the baby during take off and landing 😅.”

Even though this kiddo looked pretty freaked out, everyone is in agreement that mom did a great job of reassuring him. @Whonu said, “He felt so safe and secure with you 🥰 Go momma! ❤️.” 

We sure hope the next trip these two take is a little bit smoother. But if nothing else, this sweet little guy is already shaping up to be a well-traveled individual! 

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