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Baby's Reaction to Seeing Mom at the Airport After a Few Days Apart Melts Our Hearts

The way his little face lit up!

There are few things in life better than planning and taking a vacation, and when you're a parent who gets to go away without the kids for a few days, it's the best opportunity to recharge. But that doesn't mean we don't miss our little ones while we're away. In fact, most of us spend the trip looking forward to seeing them again when it's all over! 

We've seen some pretty sweet airport reunion videos over the years, but it's going to be a bit hard to top this one from @caroldemauro on TikTok. She shared the moment she and her baby were reunited for the first time after a few days apart, and OMG — he had the best reaction! 

The very second this little guy saw his mama come down that escalator, his eyes totally lit up. Those excited noises he's making are the best! But nothing really tops the way he immediately reached out to her as soon as she was within arm's length. It looks like both of them had been waiting for that hug for a long time! 

This video is so adorable that it's no wonder it's going viral, and the hundreds of people who have already commented on it seem to agree. More than one person pointed out how a couple walking in the background stopped to watch this sweet moment for themselves, and how baby turned his dad's face to show him that mama was coming.

"There’s nothing like feeling the love your little one has for you," one TikTok user wrote.

Traveling is fun, but coming home to your loved ones really is the best.

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