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Baby Says His First Word at 'Disney World' and Mom's Reaction Is Everything

Clearly she's already raising a Disney kid.

The Disney parks are well known as magical places to those who love them, for both children and adults alike. It makes sense, when you consider how many families know it as the place where so many happy memories are made. And once in awhile, something special like a marriage proposal or major childhood milestone takes place at Disney, too.

Case in point: This little one, who just so happened to say his first word while he and his family were at Disney World. And lucky for us, his mom (@ginnylouluvsu) managed to capture it on camera and share it with the rest of the world to enjoy on TikTok. 

There's just one thing that differed from the way this little boy said his first word that isn't the case with most babies his age. Instead of going with the traditional "mama" or "dada," the first word he said was "mickey," which was pretty appropriate for where he was at the time! 

It happened when he was meeting Mickey and Minnie, and he crawled over to touch Mickey's shoe and shouted out the famous mouse's name. Even better was his mom's reaction from behind the camera, so excited to hear his first word. This is so adorable!

"This kid cracked the code. He’s gonna get to go to Disney yearly for the rest of his life!" one commenter joked.

It looks like this mama definitely has a born Disney fan on her hands. What a precious memory for them to have as a souvenir from this vacation!