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Canadian Family's Surprise Visit From Baby Bobcat Is Such a Treat

Bobcats are misunderstood- despite being a breed of wildcat, they're much smaller than many people expect! Bobcats are only about twice the size of a normal housecat, and some larger breeds of domestic cats like Maine Coons can even match them in size. Despite this, bobcats are wild animals, and you shouldn't try to touch them.

However, no one said you can't watch them! That's exactly what Naomi Miller of Peachland, British Columbia did. The official @cbcvancouver TikTok account shared a video she took of a bobcat on her back porch!

OMG! Who'd believe that a wild cat could be so cute? This little fella was a welcome visitor to the Miller household one snowy morning. Naomi Miller opened her blinds to find the precious young bobcat peering in. Naomi rightly gave the little guy plenty of space, instead filming his visit peacefully from behind the glass. What a treat!

Like so many good cat videos do (domestic, wild, or otherwise), the video blew up and went viral online, with tons of admiring viewers cooing over the cute cat. "Such a beautiful kitty," admired @g_9973. "I wish it wasn't a wild animal, its so gorgeous," mourned @qa5555h. "What an amazing experience, to see such a beautiful creature up close," @farrahleigh_d praised.

Of course, some would have been tempted to go further in Naomi's shoes. "I would have opened the door. I know I’m stupid but it’s so cute," @tanktopg1rl admitted. "If you’re cold, they’re cold. Bring him inside," @lauraalisonbarber joked. As tempting as this may be, please do not let any wild animals inside- even ones as cute as bobcats! Instead, do what Naomi did- marvel at these cute critters from a safe distance!

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