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Islands Near East Coast That Are the Perfect Alternative to Hawaii Look Like a Dream

We're putting the Azores on our bucket list.

Visiting Hawaii is a trip on many people's bucket lists. The clear water, the lush vegetation, the yummy food — there are countless reasons for wanting to visit the islands, but unfortunately, it doesn't always fit everyone's budgets. Not to mention the fact that the plane ride from a lot of places in the US can be pretty long! 

If you fall into that category, we may have a different location for you to visit instead: The Azores. TikTok user @luxexperiences shared a video about a group of islands on the east coast that's easily accessed from major cities like New York and Boston, and whoa — we had no idea these were even here! 

"It's much less commercial and expensive, but as stunning," the narrator of the video shared, adding that it's about a five hour flight from New York. 

Judging by the video, the Azores do look gorgeous, including many of the features people love about Hawaii, like the waterfalls and the beautiful greenery. It seems like a total tropical paradise... and way more low-key than other more touristy areas. 

"I feel like the Azores are Hawaii and Ireland mixed together," one person who has visited wrote. 

The islands are in Portugal, so you will need a passport to visit. But it definitely looks like it would be worth the flight. Add this one to the bucket list, too! 

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