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Video Shares Things That Make People Truly 'Awful' Travelers

She's totally not wrong!

Anyone who travels regularly knows that doing so efficiently is a skill. And for those who don't travel often, it's easy to understand how it can be overwhelming — the airport alone is confusing enough for someone who's never been there before! Most seasoned travelers are never bothered by helping out someone who needs it, but then, there are those travelers who seem to be making the experience harder on everyone around them on purpose. 

One popular TikTok user, @tinx, is sharing a series about the worst things that people do when they travel, and it's pretty eye-opening. Not only do we agree with a lot of the items on her list, but it's also a solid reminder of what not to do to make travel day more pleasant not just for us, but for anyone else traveling, too. 

The first thing she mentioned is a big one: The people who don't come prepared to keep things moving when they reach the TSA checkpoint. There are signs everywhere, and just one person taking their time to take out their electronics or remove their shoes can slow down the process for everyone else considerably, so we totally get it! 

She also mentioned the people who crowd around the gate "like it's the stampede from The Lion King" long before it's time to board the plane (yep, we've all seen this happen before), along with those who become too particular about how they store their carry-ons in the overhead bins, holding up the line for everyone else who's trying to board the same plane. 

These annoyances aren't unique to her — plenty of people in the comments came to commiserate over this.

"I'll never forgive people who act like security check in is NEW. It's wild," one person wrote, while another added, "I DESPISE people who put their carry on in overhead in row 3 and they are sitting in row 50." 

We could probably all stand to have more patience with each other when traveling, but it's totally normal to get annoyed by these little things. Show up to the airport prepared, keep your head on a swivel, and you should be fine!