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Man's Tip About Why We Should Avoid Hotels in Japan Is a Must-See

One of the great things about traveling in Japan is that accommodations can be found for fairly cheap. You can easily book a cozy hotel room with all the amenities+ free breakfast every morning in the heart of Tokyo for between $40-55 a night. However, they are a little small compared to US hotel rooms- if you need a bit more elbow room, you may want to try a different route.

When TikTok user @microjordannyc visited Kyoto, he chose to avoid going the hotel route. His solution? Renting a machiya, or townhouse.

This is definitely a pretty swanky place to stay! One advantage it has over many budget hotels, aside from its extra spaciousness, is that it reflects more traditional Japanese aesthetics- at least, this house does. We noticed in the background, behind the tree, there was a washitsu- a traditional Japanese-style tatami mat room. Many Western tourists appreciate getting to experience aspects of Japanese culture that are less common in their part of the world. If you want something more traditional, a machiya like this one might be your best bet.

One downside, however, is that while machiya are more common in Kyoto, they're less common in Tokyo, which is usually on top of tourist's list of places to visit. Always check your options well in advance!

But what did his viewers think? Some were 100% on board. One user, @kiazestarbys, had stayed in one themselves: "My friends and I stayed in a 100+ year old Machiya in Kyoto, Japan for 3 days. It was so worth the money, what a neat experience." "Did this on my trip 3 years ago. so worth it," agreed @kitsune.katie.

However, it should be noted that the price point ($70-300/night, depending on the area, according to him) is not the most budget-friendly, which turned some viewers off. "Stayed in business hotels, they’re fine and are fluent in English 90% of the time,' shared one user. "I’m here to explore Japan, not stay inside the entire time. A $60 night room that’s small is fine by me," said @karinh2os. Some users offered completely different alternatives as well. "Even better: stay at a ryokan [traditional Japanese inn]," suggested @thekittyandmarley.

Whatever you choose for your accommodations while visiting Japan, ultimately we hope you pick the option that suits you and your plans best. Japan is a beautiful country with excellent options for travelers wherever they stay!

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