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Woman Shares Valuable Tips for How to Avoid Crowds at Yosemite National Park

The most well-know national parks are popular for a reason, but unfortunately their visitors have to fight through the crowds of everyone else to get a glimpse at what they came to see. Dealing with crowds on a trip to a national park can ruin the serene and reflective experience you were hoping to get.

It's why some people are turned off of Yosemite National Park- the view are one of a kind, but some find they're not worth fighting through the crowds over. If you'd like to experience hikes through something similar to Yosemite without dealing with throngs of other tourists, Emily Brochu of @offbeatretreat has a trip suggestion for you.

We love this, because really, if you're just craving to see some pretty nature, Yosemite isn't the only park out there. She highlights a lot of good lesser-known parks which give you a chance to enjoy the sights in peace and also give a bit more coverage to parks that have been overshadowed by Yosemite.

"I personally loved Yosemite but I’m also a national forest stan so these spots look amazing," commented @elatedlyfree. Some added their own recommendations to Emily's trip suggestion. "If you go to Lassen, definitely hit Burney Falls when you’re out that way," added @hewenttojarrod. "Get out of the Valley. Clouds Rest is amazing. Great views of the valley. Thanks for the video," recommended @tsell70.

Are you still dying to see sights you can only witness at Yosemite? It's all about knowing when to go. One recommendation, from @ro.sal: "Visit Yosemite in October! Beautiful colors, great weather, smaller crowds. You’re welcome!"

Whether you're dead-set on a Yosemite visit, or you're thinking of taking the route less traveled and seeing some of the other parks and forests, just remember that there's tons of natural beauty in the world. Emily's account, @offbeatretreat, highlights tons of other parks too, if you're interested. Be safe and have fun!