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Pilot Shares Fascinating Video Showing How Autopilot Reacts During Turbulence

Not sure if this is enough to ease anyone's fears.

Even for the most experienced flyers, experiencing turbulence can be a bit unnerving. For as rare as commercial plane crashes are — and even if you know in the back of your head everything is going to be totally fine — it's hard to keep from worrying that something might be going wrong. And if you're already a nervous flyer and there's turbulence on your flight... well, it's not much fun.

If you're someone who stresses out big time when the plane ride gets bumpy, this TikTok video from pilot @mypilotlife might just help ease your fears. A pilot is sharing what autopilot is doing while you're in the back of the plane getting jostled around, and it's pretty reassuring.

The footage shows the control panel while a flight was experiencing turbulence, sharing the way the steering wheel — or yoke — is moving on autopilot during that time. It's making just the slightest movements, not the giant jerks that you might think are happening based on the way the turbulence feels. Everything is totally under control!

"The altitude remains stable. So does the speed," the pilot said in the video. "So there is nothing to worry about, nothing bad is going to happen." 

It is pretty helpful to see what's going on in the cockpit, since many times, we'd assume that the pilots are freaking out just as much as we are! But really, for them, this is just another day at work. 

In the comments, some people admitted that they were still scared, but some shared other helpful tips that might ease others' fear of turbulence. "Watch the flight attendants. If they're calm, I'm calm," one person advised.

Next time you're on a flight and things get bumpy, remember this video. It's all under control!