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Luxury Austria Hotel Is So Popular It Has a 2-Year Waiting List

It's easy to understand why.

Thanks to social media, we're learning more and more about the most unique hotels around the world that offer experiences you truly can't get anywhere else. And while this is definitely a positive for the properties and those of us looking for a cool place to stay, it also means that the demand is higher than ever before. Once the word is out, places can sell out so quickly! 

Case in point: This incredible hotel in Austria. According to this TIkTok video from @epicstays, the room nestled in the beautiful Austrian Alps has a two year waiting list just to book a stay, and once you see the view, you'll totally understand why. 

With floor-to-ceiling windows on two walls, those staying in this room can check out the mountains in all their epic glory... and we imagine that travelers would be hard pressed to find a similar view anywhere else. Given how unique and beautiful this room is, it totally seems like it would be worth the two year wait! 

According to the caption on the video, this is the Dolomitenhuette. It looks like a truly gorgeous property, amazing views aside — and considering the fact that it dates back to 1900, it is historic as well. No wonder it's always in such high demand... and we have a feeling this viral TikTok is going to entice even more people to visit. 

Knowing how long the wait for this room is, if you're hoping to stay here someday, it might not be a bad idea to get on that list now. At least it gives future visitors plenty of time to save up for their Austrian adventure!