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Australian Women Share What's Surprised Them Most About Traveling in America

We see a lot of videos about Americans traveling to different countries and hearing their takes on traveling in other parts of the world, so it's always interesting and amusing when we encounter the opposite: foreign visitors discussing what travel is like for them in America!

TikTok user @mariarekowski and her friend are both from Brisbane, Australia, and they're traveling in America, attending Burning Man and take in some of the sights in California. Maria hopped on TikTok to share some of their observations about what they've encountered!

This was a mixed bag- their perceptions were pretty accurate, but we had a few counterpoints. As many of us have experienced first hand, sometimes guys can be wayyy too persistent if they're into you. Is that really an American-exclusive thing though? We weren't so sure. However, apparently guys aren't quite as creepy and harassing in their neck of the woods, as @to_teke_e_mara explains: "Yeah I’ve heard men there are really straight forward. NZ and Aus isn’t like them and we’re glad." Alright, fair enough... sounds nice.

We do have way too many Starbucks, but that said, if you really can't find a latte outside of Starbucks in a big city, you're not looking hard enough. It's all about knowing where to go! Don't knock the cute hole-in-the-wall coffee shops that have their own personality rather than being just another franchise store.

We won't argue with the point about us being scary drivers though. That's spot on.

One quirk that she pointed out was that Americans are more specific about where in the country they're from than those from other places. We feel that there's a good reason for that though. "In Americans defense. We vary greatly from state to state. Sum1 from Iowa is in no way like sum1 from Cali. Like being from different country 😂," argued @cb33b3. We loved how @bummybeetle elaborated on this point: ""I'm from California" because each state is like a country. We're a Democratic Republic. Think of it as the European Union." It really is like that though!

We wish these ladies safe travels for the reminder of their time in America. But if we had any advice, we'd say Google some local coffee shops- you'll find some hidden gems.