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Australia's 'Santa Surfs' Are A Terrific Tropical Christmas Tradition

While the stereotypical Christmas-card holiday scenery is one of snow-capped trees and buildings blanketed in white, that isn't the reality for a lot of the world. The whole Southern Hemisphere of the world, with their reversed seasonal calendar, is experiencing summer right now! So what do those living south of the Equator do for their warm-weather Christmas?

Well, if you live in Australia, you might participate in a seasonal "Santa Surf"! This festive video from surf photographer @frothyblonde shows a Christmas Eve Santa Surf in Crescent Head, New South Wales.

Why do we get the feeling that this is what the real Santa wishes he could be doing on Christmas Eve? They really do Christmas on a whole other level down under. We know we wouldn't mind swapping for that sunny weather for a few days after our blustery holiday week here in the US!

Surfin' Santas are a quirky sight to see on many of Australia's famous beaches around Christmas time. In fact, the Guinness World Record for World's Largest Surf Lesson was broken in December 2015 at Bondi Beach, Sydney with 320 surfers- all of whom were wearing Santa outfits!

 Crescent Head, the location from this video, is a few hours up the coast from Sydney, but they have their own similar holiday tradition. Their Christmas Eve Santa Surf is a yearly holiday event, with tons of seasonal Santas taking to the lazy waters of Crescent Head Creek each December 24th. 

"This was the 11th annual Santa Surf!! Glad u could experience it. It’s always so much fun," welcomed @llooouui. Needless to say, it's an event beloved by locals and visitors alike. " Omg this is my traditional holiday spot to go. Crescent Head is amazing!" beamed @jxnna.slayy. "I went to Cresent Head for a holiday a while back, ITS SO MUCH FUN and the river is just so cool. We saw somebody doing the tightrope jumping stuff," @lychelle.taiah reminisced. 

The next time Christmas rolls around, don't leave out milk and cookies for Santa- leave out a brand new surfboard and some board wax instead. Once he gets to Crescent Head, he'll thank you!

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