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Airbnb in Australia That Comes with 'Beach Box' Is Downright Incredible

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Australia is an incredible place for so many different reason. From the gorgeous scenery and beaches to the country's beloved animals, pretty much everyone wants to go there. Oh, and the fabulous accommodations take it well over the top! One particular Airbnb is so inviting, anyone who gets to stay there will never forget it.

TikTok creator @byalexandratravel shared a video clip of this amazing rental that comes with its very own "beach box." We don't think you'll need much arm twisting to want to travel to this hot spot. 

'Beach boxes, also known as a 'beach huts' are a super fun, private, and intimate way to enjoy your beach excursions. They're bright and colorful, and perfect for a day at the beach creating memories with loved ones, family, friends or even solo. Pack a picnic lunch, a great book, soak in the sand and sun all day long, then wind down and enjoying the spectacular sunset with a glass of wine or champagne. Sounds dreamy right?

TikTok fans say, 'sign us up!" User @harrycain48 writes, "This would be lovely." We could not agree more. Doesn't it sound heavenly? Viewer @brookekarlis_ says, "OMG, this would be amazing!" Anyone would jump at the chance to stay here. And commenter @davinareign asks, "Are beach boxes hot?" Whether hot or cold, we say, there's nothing a dip in the ocean or a beach blanket cant cure. 

A colorful and unique beach box should be added to your itinerary on your next Australia visit. These quaint accommodations just ooze happiness and joy. 

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