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Mom's Simple Tip for Saving Money in Europe Makes Total Sense

When traveling internationally, there's a lot of differences you have to adjust for, from the time zone change to the type of currency. Crucially, it's also important to stay on top of and within your budget as you travel- you don't want to be stuck in a far-off country with no money. This tip today can help international travelers stay money wise and save!

TikTok user @nowhere_on_earth is a world traveler that has flown all across the world with her family of four. Today, she shares a helpful tip that will keep international travelers in Europe from losing money at the ATM.

The real meat of the subject is clearly not in the teaser video itself, but in her description accompanying it: "The ATM will ask you whether you want it to withdraw the amount in Euros or whether you want to convert to your own currency. It’s almost always best to deny the conversion and accept in Euros. It’s typically a bad exchange rate (we’ve seen as high as 18% markup) and your bank will make the necessary conversion anyway!"

This tracks- exchange markup can often eat into your funds, but it seems to be exceptionally brutal in the European Union. Just keep up with the current exchange right, balance your budget, and let your bank handle the conversion!

Other savvy travelers shared their money tips. "Same rule in shops. Let your own provider do the conversion," advised @stuartwhunter. "Not just Europe ALL foreign monies 🧠💯. Philippines, Mexico, doesn’t matter. NEVER exchange at an airport either.👍," added @pinay2usa.

We always love when experienced travelers share these kinds of vital tips. They help avoid future travelers from dealing with tough situations abroad, helping them keep trips safe and stress-free!