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Video of the 'Largest Brunch in Atlanta' Is at the Last Place Anyone Expected

When you're looking for places to grab brunch with your friends, most of your results are going to be cozy cafes, trendy restaurants, hip bistros- the usual stuff. However, in Atlanta, one unexpected venue serves what is purported to be "the largest brunch in Atlanta"- and there's a little something extra on the side too. You've heard of dinner and a show... now get ready for brunch and a show!

TikTok user @jonacrooner captured a look of the huge brunch line outside of the King of Diamonds club and showed us what we're in for inside, too. What could be drawing so many people to the brunch here? You'll soon find out!

That's right. King of Diamonds isn't any ordinary club- it's a strip club! Live entertainment at brunch isn't exactly unheard of- after all, drag queen brunches are very trendy and popular. However, this location takes the entertainment aspect to a whole other level. You can get your eggs benedict and a XXX show at the same time!

Needless to say, some commenters were, uh, super into this. "Bacon, omelette, breakfast potatoes, and a lap 💃🏽." said user @younoiaintlie. "We go after church every Sunday. The chicken & waffles is 🔥. So are Diamond and Trinity." commented @wilson81710. Alright, got a positive review from one satisfied customer!

Some even pointed out that this is also very ingenious from a business standpoint: "Brilliant use of space during the slowest part of the day and drives business into the evening. Smart business strategy." remarked @kaylaleshade.

Others, however, didn't think that brunches and strip clubs should mix. "Immediately no! BUT I bet you get some good laughs there! 😂" responded @iammeache. "Are the tables and seats cleaned first tho from the prior shift? 😂" asked user @thedeliverer. Oh man... we didn't think about that before, but now that's ALL we can think about.

It's certainly an unusual combination, and it may not be for everyone. But if you want a little sexy excitement to go along with your brunch, check out the King of Diamonds the next time you visit Atlanta! Just maybe wipe down your table one more time before you eat.

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