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Specific Bathroom at Atlanta Airport Apparently Holds Some Kind of Record

Of course, one dude had to test it out.

A lot of the airports in the United States are busy most days of the year, but it's hard to beat the number of travelers who pass through Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport each year. In fact, in 2022, it reclaimed the title of the busiest airport in the world, boasting more than 75 million travelers in 2021. It's impossible to even conceptualize what that means (until you're actually there and find yourself standing in a very long TSA line, of course). 

Knowing this, it practically goes without saying that the Atlanta airport's bathrooms are also used by millions of people each year, and that prompted one man on TikTok to do a little research for himself. After he saw a video talking about the bathroom that sees "the most poops per year," @tommy.english simply had to see the toilets for himself.

During a recent trip to Atlanta, the OP headed straight for Concourse A when he landed, since that's where this legendary bathroom is located. After documenting his flight for the video, we get to see him deplane and embark on his journey through the airport to the men's restroom, where he proceeded to show off what it looks like inside — though we could definitely have done without the shot of him sitting on the toilet to prove that he used it. 

It looks a little messy in there, but we're not necessarily surprised. If this is one of the busiest airports in the world, it's gotta be hard to keep up with cleaning it. 

People were living for his adventure in the comments, including those who have actually been to this bathroom before.

"Now that’s worth a family vacation," one person wrote.

We wouldn't go that far, but it is pretty funny that he made a point to check out the bathroom. If you take nothing else away from this video, let it be this: Arrive at the Atlanta airport with plenty of time to spare. No matter how busy it is, you're going to need some buffer!