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Dog-Friendly Airbnb in Aspen That's Cute and Budget-Friendly Is Too Good to Pass Up

We all love our furry friends, but traveling with them can be difficult because, among other reasons, many accommodations are not pet-friendly. However, this one amazing Airbnb in Aspen, Colorado is a notable expectation. Not only is it gorgeous AND dog-friendly... it's also much, much cheaper than most similar rentals in that area.

TikTok user @denverdogguide is a Colorado local that documents dog-friendly stays, hikes, and attractions all over the Mile-High State. She highlights this charming Aspen Airbnb as an affordable stay for humans and doggies alike!

This spot is so quaint and still retains a bit of that retro 1960's vibe while still staying modern- but more importantly, look at all that yard for the dogs to enjoy! No cramped kennels for your pup- they can relax in comfort and style with you with plenty of play space and fresh air.

Now, we did mention that this Airbnb is cheaper than most others in the area, but there still is a price tag: "Not sure $300 a night is totally affordable, still nice though," scoffed @max.piper. "The cheapest airbnbs in Aspen are around $800+ so affordable speaking to the area!" @denverdogguide responded back. That's an average difference of around $500 a night- that's pretty major. You can save megabucks staying at this spot and your dog can come along too? Sounds like a win-win.

Thinking of staying there yourself? If so, you can find the link to the Airbnb listing here. But be warned- it's filling up fast as the place grows in popularity. "Literally just booked a stay for October 😂 thank you!!" @weeehooo22 said, and many others will likely follow suit. Book a stay soon while you still can!