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Woman's Warning About Traveling From Aruba Amid Summer Chaos Shouldn't Be Taken Lightly

We talk a lot about airport efficiency here because it's an important subject for travelers. Getting to the airport with time to spare and easily passing through security checkpoints is integral to ensuring you don't miss your flight and throw off your trip.

With that in mind, those planning to take a trip down to the Caribbean, specifically to Aruba, should heed this warning given to us by one @travelwithme_laurende on TikTok. It's not traveling to Aruba that's the problem... it's flying home from Aruba where things get tricky.

Good grief, three checkpoints? Why in the world are there so many? This is good information at least... if you don't have global entry like the video's creator, give yourself that extra three hours!

It turns out that there is an explanation as to why there are multiple checkpoints, at least. "Yes. Because you are going through customs twice. Then no customs when you land in the US," explained @bph1616. We can see how that could make things more efficient on landing, but when a delay at departure could result in you missing your flight, we'd personally prefer to hold off on the second round of customs till we're back home!

  "Lmaaooo we almost missed our flight. We didn’t realize there were two other checkpoints 😂 and took a break at the first," recounted @shaleenacampbell. "Aruba is the worst airport I have ever been to! Thank god we got to the airport 4 hours in advance but our flight was delayed 4 hrs 😭😭😭," said @keepupwitsteph. Good grief!

This all is making that global entry thing she mentioned sound more enticing. But what exactly is global entry? "Global entry is a program you can apply for to be screened to be approved to get expedited clearance through US customs when you travel!" the video's creator explains. "Go to under travel and then trusted travel programs you’ll see the steps to file for global entry!"

We hope this information can help our American travelers save time and catch their flights stress-free!