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Moment Travelers on Flight Learn About Argentina's 'World Cup' Win Is Priceless

For the past few weeks, the attention of soccer fans the world over has been held rapt by the World Cup, with teams from countries around the world battling it out for the big win. Finally, the tournament came to a close yesterday when Argentina beat France for the 2022 World Cup. Argentians (and fans of their fútbol team worldwide) rejoiced. 

The celebrations weren't limited to those on the ground. TikTok user @julianevalentina shared the incredible moment when her flight to Buenos Aires learned of Argentina's World Cup win.

OK, we've never seen a flight where literally everybody was having this much fun before! Everyone is celebrating here- even the flight attendants are hugging and dancing in the aisle, and leading the cabin in celebratory song!

Not even the pilots up in the cockpit were left out of the fun- "Pilots were making announcements over the speakers that Argentina won," Juliane added in the comments. The joy of everybody aboard this flight is so infectious- it's wonderful to see everybody coming together to rejoice over something so wholesome! If only every day could have this much joy in it.

Commenters shared their congratulations to those excited over Argentina's win- even those who supported opposing teams. "From Saudi Arabia to Argentina, congratulations and my respect," applauded one user. "From a England fan congratulations to Argentina and a massive congratulations to Emmie Martinez from a Villa supporter. Well done lads," congratulated another fan. "Well done Argentina, love from Ireland," @dave_juice_ joined in. We were really touched by these wholesome displays of good sportsmanship.

Many marveled at just how powerful this inspiring event was at bringing people together in such joy. "A full country united, it’s just truly amazing to see," admired @rich.cobramindset. "Only this sport gives such emotions! Congrats to Argentina!" @ollisebike exclaimed. 

Congrats to the people of Argentina for their team's well-deserved win! It's been a hard few years all over the world, and moments of unabashed joy like these feel more precious than ever. It's incredible to see how a sport can bring so many people together in such a powerful way.

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