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Man Wakes Up to Unexpected Visitor Outside His Iceland Airbnb

If you want to visit a place where you can witness nature at its most beautiful, you can really go wrong with Iceland. With its stunning volcanoes and hot springs, the swirling oceans surrounding the island, and the many glittering glaciers, waterfalls, and fjords come together to make the Scandanavian country seem out of this world. Even the animals that live in Iceland are truly spectacular.

Case in point: this charming encounter, captured by travel influencer @jadenversluis. Stepping out of his Icelandic Airbnb one morning, he was greeted by an unexpected visitor!

OMG! How magical is this? What a magnificent, beautiful creature- and so playful and friendly, too. This is so unexpected and lovely- where else are you gonna get something like this? We wish we could all be so blessed with an unexpected visit from a friendly Arctic Fox.

Jaden seriously won the jackpot with this encounter, too. "As a former Icelander, i can confidently say that this is a unique experience, i have never met anyone who's seen one there," clarified @luke_warm_lava. Despite Jaden's joking statement of "I guess this is what living in Iceland is like," in the description, he was blessed with an encounter that few native Icelanders get. Man, some people have all the luck.

Viewers instantly fell in love with Jaden' foxy friend. "OMG I WOULD DIE," exclaimed @vanessa.vermaas. "@Chanel O’Neil STOP. I WANT TO SEE AN ARTIC FOX IRL IVE ONLY SEEN NORMAL ONES," @desirae_anderson yelled. "This is my dream!" @kmcp0033 chimed in.

Even without surprise visits from the island's resident Arctic foxes, we'd still love to see Iceland in all its glory. That said, we certainly would love a visit from this welcoming committee!

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