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Woman's Interesting Tip for Battling Seasickness on Cruises Is Going Viral

Seasickness is one of the most dreadful fallbacks of a vacation on a cruise ship. Trying to sleep in a small, stuffy room while the waves are crashing and the ship is rocking while trying to keep your meal down is enough to make anyone rethink their decision to travel by ship.

However, if you're prone to motion sickness, there are ways to get around it. In a video that was shared on TikTok by @ezrafreeman, this woman shares some interesting ways to combat seasickness, especially by eating one particular food. She also includes what it's really like on a cruise during rough waters. You'll want to watch what happens to the cruise staff when they go through rocky waters. Disclaimer it's not what you'd expect!

Apples? For real? We've heard of eating saltines and drinking ginger ale, but this is a new one. Yep. This woman suggests eating apples whenever you feel motion sick. Some of the people in the comments agree, like user @newt725, who said, "Green apples and saltines, and some chamomile tea. I learned that halfway between San Francisco and Hawaii 😂." We wonder why green apples help. Maybe it's the sourness? 

What we really couldn't believe in this clip, however, is how much the creator and some people who watched the video actually enjoy a rocky cruise ship. One of the comments by user @magicsneakers13 said, "Love the “wave” pool on rocky days 😂." To which the creator of the video replied, "It is truly iconic! I once went in a hot tub and it was an EXPERIENCE." 

To each his own, but we much prefer sailing on smoother seas.

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