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Monkey Thief on Thai Beach Is Surprisingly Adorable

Thailand is home to beautiful beaches and lush jungles full of incredible flora and fauna. Many tourists love visiting the local wildlife through amazing animal encounters at the many sanctuaries and animal rehabilitation centers across the country. Encountering Thailand's animal population in the wild, however, isn't always so idyllic. 

Ao Nang is a Thai resort town with gorgeous beaches, great dive sites, and nearby islands you can easily boat to. It also has a large monkey population- and as travel vlogger @dimsim9 discovered, these monkeys have a kleptomaniac streak!

LMAO! Well, we'll say this much- that's probably the most adorable robbery we've ever witnessed! It's hard to stay mad at this surprisingly cute little thief.

 On a brief but serious note, while a monkey running off with your Starbucks might not be a big deal, it should be noted that this is the danger of wild animals getting too comfortable with humans- they can start getting food-aggressive. It's definitely not worth fighting over if a monkey does take your food, but you shouldn't encourage it either- don't try to feed them! Also, y'know, maybe leave your valuables back at the hotel for this trip- just in case. 

This unfortunate victim of monkey robbery was not alone, as many commenters shared similar stories!

 "Monkeys are such a menace. In India I was given a necklace made of fresh flowers. Next thing I knew a monkey swiped it off my neck and ate it!" @kaytaytheswifttay recalled. "This happened to me but with a bag of mangos. They took every one, one at a time," @lennonmoonlady shared her experience. How tragic- all those mangos, stolen away! "Monkeys are amazing... amazing little muggers," @anmintravel laughed. They do have a talent for thievery!

Perhaps one should think twice before having a picnic on Ao Nang Beach- you may get some very greedy uninvited guests! 

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