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Man Living in Antarctica Finds the Cutest Little 'Dinosaur' Outside His Door

Living in Antarctica is an experience unlike living anywhere else in the world. The scientists and researchers there have to brave some of the most unforgiving weather conditions in the world and witnesses an ecosystem that few other people have seen. At a certain point, what would seem novel and strange to most of us becomes somewhat mundane to those living in Antarctica.

Take Antarctic scientist @mattykjordan. The other day, he was woken up by what sounded like a dinosaur. But when he checked outside, he discovered that it was... 

Don't let that dinosaur-esque call fool you... it's just a little penguin calling out to his buddies! Can you imagine being woken up in the morning by a noisy pengin, of all things? We'd probably be too busy admiring its cuteness to even be mad about it. Matty, too, seemed more marveled than annoyed by the amusing wake-up call. "Anyone else think penguins sound prehistoric?" he asked in the description.

There's actually a pretty solid reason for why one might associate the cry of a penguin with the roar of a dinosaur. "Y'all know they used penguin vocals as a part of the Trex roar in the original [Jurassic Park], right?" mentioned @willamson_photography. "And part of the Velociraptor vocals too," added @squattok. "Well they ARE technically dinosaurs phylogenetically-speaking," quipped @.lord_ryan, referring to the penguin's far-distant ancestors. "Now that's a Jurassic Park I wouldn't mind visiting!" exclaimed @scottishgirl6. Same here!

Dinosaur jokes aside, people were mostly just in awe of the adorable little penguin going about his day. "Sweet baby, he is looking for his friends," cried @sunflo197348. "Such a good camouflaged little fella," admired @jmess_152738. "Oh no... where’s his friends, his family?" @queensiren1 worried.

If you were also worried about the whereabouts of this penguin's brethren, fear not. Matty soon uploaded another video that revealed the rest of the story... 

LOL! Never fear- the penguins are alright, just having a little spat! We're sure they'll cool down from their disagreement in no time. That's just life in Antarctica for you!

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