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Extreme Travelers Show What Camping In Antarctica Is Really Like

Antarctica is the coldest place on the planet, the world's biggest desert (yes, it's classified as a desert) and uninhabited except for the researchers and workers who live there on a temporary basis. Despite all these extremes and more, some tourists still dare to visit.

While Antarctic cruises are becoming pretty popular, this case is a bit more extreme. Fearless world travelers @karaandnate show us how they went camping- yes, camping- in Antarctica!

...Wow. We've got to be honest, we didn't think that Antarctic camping was a thing that people really even did (not as a tourist activity, anyway- obviously intrepid explorers have braved the frozen wastes before). However, if there ever were a time to go camping in Antarctica, now's the season for it. Because it's in the Southern Hemisphere, it's technically summertime in Antarctica, and temperatures there are relatively balmy (big emphasis on relatively... the average daytime temps there this week are still well below zero). Kara and Nate took advantage of the fairly fine weather to go on an extreme camping trip that few others would dare to attempt!

It takes a lot to safely sleep through the Antarctic night, though. To insulate themselves from the cold, Nate showed us all the layers that they had to use- a tarp and air mattress to keep them off the ground, a bivouac, a sleeping bag, and more! Getting out of all that to use the bathroom at night would have to be a real pain. However, at least you'd be rewarded with some of the most incredible views you'd ever witness from a toilet!

A few other intrepid souls envied Kara and Nate's unlikely camping excursion. "I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica," mused @lucasmain08. "I would honestly love to do this," admired @luigimayhem.

Others, however, were a little more... skeptical. "Then the polar bear comes along and sees you as nothing but a Snickers bar, all wrapped up and ready to go," joked @costco8165. LOL! Luckily for Kara and Nate, polar bears live all the way up in the Arctic on the other side of the world, so we'd say their odds of dodging a polar bear attack were pretty good!

It takes a lot of daring (and a high tolerance for the cold) to brave a night of camping in Antarctica. Still, we think Kara and Nate did a great job showing us how it's done!

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