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Couple's Antarctic Cruise Ship Tour Isn't What Everyone Expects

Most wintertime cruisegoers head to warm destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean to shake off the winter chill from back home. However, a few do quite the opposite. Social media has recently been flooded by an exciting and adventurous new travel trend- cruises to Antarctica!

You might expect that an expedition cruise travelling to Antarctica would be kinda bare-bones. However, this Antarctic cruise ship tour, filmed by TikTok personality and world traveler @theworldpursuit, tells quite a different story!

Wow... this is way more luxurious than what we expected! Because it's a smaller exhibition cruise ship (and meant to traverse tougher waters than most cruises do), it's not as massive and opulent as most mainstream cruise ships. You won't find a dozen different restaurants nor a bunch of different attractions on board. You don't need a ton of on board attractions, though, because you're in Antarctica! First off- baby, it's cold outside. But secondly, you'll be spending your time exploring the surreal and majestic beauty of the world's most isolated continent. If you still remembered to bring your bathing suit, though, there's always that hot tub... plus the Polar Plunge challenge she mentioned. Brrr...

Despite its small size, the ship has a beautiful dining hall, several bars and coffee stations for socializing, a gym, library, and entertainment room, and everything you need to relax and enjoy yourself in between Antarctic excursions! Just because you're going on an Antarctic expedition doesn't mean you'll have to sacrifice quality!

People were certainly impressed by the surprisingly cozy ship. "The food blows me away. It's so fancy and looks so fresh!" @missmeags__ admired. "So jealous, this must have been amazing," pined @emeraldphoenix69. "This is definitely on my bucket list," declared @gyrosnyohoe.

Of course, all of this doesn't come cheap, and a trip to Antarctica will run up quite the price tag. "Website has prices from $10,000-20,000," clarified @cassidykdickens. YIKES! Looks like an Antarctic exhibition isn't in the cards for us anytime soon. Still, we can't deny that it's become a bucket-list adventure for us, either... maybe we better start saving up.

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