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Man's Proposal at Disney's 'Animal Kingdom' Comes With an Extra Surprise

This is just the best!

For a lot of Disney fans out there, getting proposed to in one of the theme parks is something they imagine happening since they were kids. We have to admit that there are a lot of photo-worthy spots at Disney World and Disneyland for these types of moments to go down. The Tree of Life, the icon of Animal Kingdom, is definitely one of them. 

It's pretty popular choice for people who choose to pop the question during a Disney vacation, but this Animal Kingdom proposal on TikTok from @rodrigozanattae went a little differently. There was a bit of a surprise in store, but you have to wait 'til the end of the video to see it (hint: look at the groom-to-be's shirt!). 

The proposal goes off without a hitch in front of the tree, and it ended up being a super sweet moment between the two of them (of course, she said yes). But it was what happened after she had the ring on her finger that so many people have been truly blown away by.

After the proposal, he immediately took off his shirt to reveal that he was wearing another underneath in the same color... but this one had the date of their engagement on the back. So sweet! 

Judging by the look on the future bride's face, she definitely wasn't expecting that reveal!

This dude definitely gets props for how much he planned ahead for this. We bet they got tons of attention at the park while he was wearing that shirt!