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Woman Reveals What Happens to Animals at Disney's 'Animal Kingdom' During a Hurricane

We're so happy to hear they take such good care of them.

Ahead of Hurricane Ian rolling in to the Orlando area, Walt Disney World shut down their theme parks on Wednesday and Thursday in order to keep everyone safe. It's easy enough to prepare for property damage with the kind of crews that Disney keeps on staff, but at Animal Kingdom, it's not quite that simple. What about the animals who make that park their home? 

If you've been worried about them, don't — as @myadventurebook__ shared on TikTok, there's a plan to keep them safe as well. In fact, many of them may have had an easier time weathering the storm than some humans.

According to the video, instead of fully evacuating the 1,700 animals from the park, Disney brought them to backstage locations that would be safe for them to wait out the storm. 

"Disney has built pens and barns made of made of reinforced concrete that can withstand hurricanes and these wildlife pens they use quite often so the animals are used to being in them," the video explained. "Disney's hurricane plan also calls for cast members, zoo keepers, vets, and more to stay on site during the hurricane." 

This means that the animals (and their behavior) are constantly monitored the entire time, and there are plenty of staff around to handle and prevent any emergencies that might come up. And since the animals at Animal Kingdom are so diverse — everything from flamingos to lions can be found there — this is a huge undertaking.

It's good to know that the animals we love seeing in the park are safe and sound.