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Video Tour of Tiny 'Amtrak' Sleeping Car Has People Buzzing

Traveling across the country by train is such a different vibe than a flight, and this option can be pretty intriguing. And if you're going by Amtrak train, there are lots of perks that might make it better option, including the fact that you can book a sleeper car and catch some rest on your journey.

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @geminigerm, this creator shows an Amtrak train with cars for people who are traveling for days at a time. Each "cabin" is equipped with everything you could ever need right in your living quarters. However, there's one aspect of this particular accommodation that is creating quite a buzz. Take a look at the video tour and see for yourself. 

WHAT? The toilet is RIGHT THERE? You'd think it would be in a separate compartment or something! People who watched the clip are split on whether or not this is a good thing. One user, @bigbadmon.ica, prefers this option, saying, "Let me tell you, I did 24 hours in coach and if I did it again, I would 100% rather sleep with my head next to the toilet." We guess it beats walking around the train in the middle of the night. Still, some commenters are not impressed, like user @vampities, who asked, "Are there different toilet options bc 😨?" Our thoughts exactly.

Even the Amtrak company commented on this video, and what they had to say was pretty funny. They deemed the experience, "MTV Cribs, roomette edition." HA! Seems fitting. Honestly, the little car does look pretty cozy, and think of the amazing views you get along the way! But here's a good tip to follow: be sure not to leave the toilet seat up.