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Viral Video of Hours-Long Security Line at Amsterdam Airport Is Enough to Make Us Stay Home

Traveling has seen its ups and downs in the past two years with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this uncertain time, airports were like ghost towns. However, now that COVID-19 seems to be on its way out and people are back to jetting off for summer vacations, flights, and airports, are more crowded than ever. When you couple that with airline staff shortages, flight delays, and cancellations, it’s a wonder that so many people are even choosing to take off!

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @da_rokinator, we can see yet another edition of how travel is this summer and the madness that comes with it. The clip shows the absolute insanity of the security line at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Just wait until you get a load of how long the video creator had to wait to get through. This is enough to make anyone stay home! 

Can you even believe these people were in the security line at Amsterdam Airport for like 5 hours, which is just insane?! Apparently, so many people can relate to this creator in having to wait hours for a flight, and some have even been so unfortunate as to miss their flight. TikTok user @sofie87654 said, "I paid extra to get a fast track, got the the airport 3 hours early, was told the fast track people aren’t working and missed my flight 😄, and no money back". Can you imagine? Anyone would be at their wit's end!

Some people are trying to make light of the situation, like user @the_evanmarkovitz, who said, "This is the airport that all dads prepare for." HA! It's so true. Airport dads would totally be ready for this sort of mishap, even one that happens to last for hours on end. Fingers crossed for smoother skies for people all over the world this summer! 

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