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Sneak Peek Video of 'America's Newest National Park' Makes Us Want to Go Now

We often think of national parks as these timeless things that have always been around. Indeed, the landscapes that they preserve have been here for millions of years, and many of the most famous American national parks were designated as such as early as the mid-late 19th century. However, even to this day, some land is still being designated as new national parks- like New River Gorge in West Virginia.

Though the area was designated a national river in 1978, in 2020 the New River Gorge was redesignated as a national park, making it the newest national park in America to date. Connor and Morgan of the TikTok account @thenationalparktravelers visited the brand-new park and gave us some very enticing sneak peeks!

Beautiful! We can see why this land has been designated as a national park- its rugged beauty ought to be preserved for future generations to come. With its winding river, three covered valleys, and gorgeous waterfalls, this park displays some of the underappreciated natural beauty that West Virginia is home to.

The new national park has charmed many of its visitors, who joined in the comments section to share their opinions and some of their favorite parts. "New river gorge-ous 💙 one of my favorite places on earth," commented @jessica_ray_44. "Was fortunate enough to do a stint of the river rafting under the bridge. Absolutely incredible," @edenekas recommended. "One of my favorites! The visitor center near the gorge has some local stained glass art of the bridge and it’s so cute!" praised @amandalafferty0.

"We have the prettiest parks in WV. And it’s even prettier in the fall ❤️," @wavesidee said. OMG, we can only imagine. Somebody needs to check back in and upload a video in a month from now- we bet the colors of the foliage in the valley will be absolutely amazing.

National parks thrive with visitor support and funding. If you're near or passing through New River Gorge, give it a bit of your time and patronage and help the two-year-old state park get to a swinging start!