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New Jersey Mall That Has Indoor Ski Slopes Is a True Game-Changer

Skiing is a beloved winter sport all over the world, but it's also an intimidating one. It's also not the most accessible sport- the average American would have to travel to a ski resort to participate. If you don't live near the slopes and want to start somewhere, what do you do? 

If you're near the NYC metro area, you can hop over to East Rutherford, New Jersey, for indoor skiing at the American Dream Mall! NYC guide @savannahvinsonn hit the slopes at Big Snow, the mall's indoor ski complex.

This is a total gamechanger. We won't deny that it's pretty hard to beat the real thing. However, this makes skiing way more accessible for lots of people. The closest ski maintains to New York City are at least a few hours' drive away, and ski trips can be quite costly. Big Snow, however, is just across the Hudson, and while tickets are still pricey (the basic day package per person with gear rental starts at $89.99), it still beats the average cost of a day trip to a ski resort.

Of course, some were disdainful about the concept of an indoor winter sports complex. "Somewhere out in jerryland," smirked @dimitriusthe4th ("jerry" is basically ski slang for a clueless newbie). We can't jive with that condescension, though. Everyone has to start somewhere, and while it might not be the most legit, if Big Snow is the place where some future skiers first cut their teeth on the sport, we're all for it. 

Locals who've tried out Big Snow had a ton of fun there. "I ski and can’t hit rails but can hit jumps so I tried a snowboard here and hit every single one," @mulletmiyagi110 reminisced about their experience. "Also, they have like a little café place. We can get drinks and stuff," recommended @totallynotttkaleigh18.

Serious skiers will doubtlessly prefer the real thing, as Big Snow is limited in size and scope. However, for a fun day activity, or those who want to try out skiing for the first time, we think this place looks like a ton of fun! 

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