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'Today Show' Hosts Debate Over Whether All-Inclusive Resorts Are Worth It

There are good arguments on both sides.

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, it seems like people are either obsessed with them or they hate them. Some people like to let go of all of their worries (their wallets) when they arrive at their destination, and find it more relaxing to know that everything they eat, do, and drink is already paid for. Others are looking for a far more customizable experience, even if it might cost a little extra.

This debate has been going on for as long as all-inclusive resorts have existed, and now, it's continuing even on the Today Show. A clip of a conversation between Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager is making the rounds on TikTok, and we have to admit that both ladies are making some good points here! 

The topic came up while they were talking about the HBO hit White Lotus and discussing how the characters seem to arrive at this resort in Italy and never leave. And when it comes to traveling in real life, Kotb is on board with this kind of set up.

"When you go to a resort everything's right there, and that's why you picked it," she said, adding that she chooses where she stays for a reason and it's because she doesn't want to leave to try other restaurants and activities, and cutting down on the stress and hassle is the whole point.

Hager disagreed, though — she was worried about arriving at a resort only to find out the food wasn't good, and wanted to know what would happen if Kotb chose to travel to a city like London or Paris where all-inclusives aren't typically found.

She agreed that a trip like that would be different, but there's a specific reason she goes to an all-inclusive. She wants to go to breakfast, then the beach, and then after having some cocktails, head back to her room "a little woozy" for a nap, and then lazily head to one of the on site restaurants without having to do much thinking at all.

We're starting to think she might be right. That does sound appealing!